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Jan. 1st, 2025

rock on

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For recent updates, check out my non-dead art blog! :)

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Thanks to pinkapplejam for hooking me up with the feed! :D

Nov. 15th, 2010

Heads up

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 Last night I dreamt that I was back in high school doing an exam. Everyone had finished before me and I couldn't solve something that was supposed to be fairly simple. Felt so stupid. I wonder if a part of my brain is rotting now that I'm not doing academic stuff any more.

Oct. 10th, 2010

Heads up

Audiobooks and Algeria

 Watching this production video for HBO's adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones has made me start listening to the audiobook again. I can't wait for this to come out! HBO tends to do pretty good TV shows I believe.


I do think that reading the written text is better than listening to the audio while working though. As you tend to zone out when you need to concentrate you often miss those little lines that describes someone's hair colour, or the stone of some castle, and you'll spend the rest of the book missing pieces of information that add to the richness and believability of the world. Maybe other types of books are more appropriate as listening material while working. I think I'll drop by town on my way to London tomorrow and pick up the paperback from a bookshop. I could read it on my trip to Algeria. :)

So, it's off to Algeria on Tuesday morning to take part in the FIBDA Comic Strip Festival in Algiers with the British Council. Paul Grist is another UK comic artist that will be there. I've never met him before so I'm looking forward to meeting him and find out more about his background in comics. :)
Initially I was a little bit nervous after reading the list of recent terror attacks and kidnappings in Algeria but now I think I'm more nervous about doing workshops through a translator, Arabic and French being the main languages. Still, I'm really looking forward to stepping into a different culture, and I will be able to say that I've been to Africa! Algiers isn't your stereotypical image of Africa though. It seems more like a Mediterranean city in the photos that I've seen, which makes I guess, considering its location. Europe is not the only continent with a Mediterranean shore. 

Sep. 17th, 2010

Heads up

Thoughts on religion

Sweden being one of the most atheist countries in the world made me grow up thinking that a personal stance on religion really isn't that important. It's only after coming to the UK that I find myself in situations where I need to ask these difficult questions as a way to relate to others.  

These are some bits and pieces floating around in my head...

There is good and bad with everything.

Taking an extremist point of view only acts to provoke and is rarely a good solution (sorry Dawkins, I agree with what you do, just not how you do it).

If the harm and suffering of the many, regardless of faith, is seen as the ultimate evil and love and compassion held above all else, then religious practices are not in and of themselves harmful.

We are afraid of asking difficult questions to religious people in fear of offending them. In principle I don't like this, but when viewed from the point that religion has deep emotional roots it is perhaps a natural reaction.

There are countless degrees of religiousness. Everyone have their own relationship with God. Many do question their own religion, which makes them feel torn in their faith.

Why not just agree that spirituality is worth striving for and renounce the framework in which it is presented?
But then the framework lends power to the spirituality so it's perhaps not that simple...

I'm a pretty tolerant person but I can not respect people who take the words of the bible or any many century-old "sacred" scripture literally. Sorry. It's stupid.

At the same time, its in the interpretation of the scriptures that a lot of religious split and conflict lies embedded.
What a stale mate...

Most people who grow up without religion are happy to live their lives without it.
Many who grow up with religion are happy to stay with it.
In the end, we all need to make a stand on how to interpret the world around us. 
Unless the views of your religion causes unreconcilable conflict within you most people are probably happy to continue with the world view that they've been brought up on.

Sep. 7th, 2010

Heads up

New tablet

Here's my second hand Intuos3 A3 tablet which I picked up in London on Sunday when I went in for Faye's hen night. Got it for about a quarter of the price of a new Intuos XL so I'm very happy. So far it's been great, it feels much better to sketch on the computer with a bigger active area.
It does takes up a lot of space but I just do stuff on top of the tablet surface as if it was the desk surface so it's not a big issue. :)

Hmm I've been thinking whether it's worth trying out DailyBooth. LJ is such a hassle to upload images to. Just now I had to go to Photobucket, upload, click the little thumbnail to get to the URL page, copy URL, go back to LJ, insert URL, preview, realise the image was too large, go back to Photobucket, resize etc... It's kind of annoying when there are blog services out there which are better tailored to picture blogging.
Dailybooth seems full of teenagers though and there's no way of restricting privacy other than approving who can follow you.
Tumblr looks nice too and, like DailyBooth, I think it has the option to update your Twitter whenever you post so that you don't need to double post. The sad thing would be to lose the LJ friends list, but I guess nowadays we're all pretty interconnected via Twitter and Facebook.

Jun. 3rd, 2009

Heads up

Off to Gotland!

As I posted ages ago, I'm off to the University of Gotland for a few weeks to do a course in life drawing. My flight is tomorrow. My room is all empty and I'm feeling somewhat excited/nervous at the thought of what this summer will bring. In no way would I expect a 10-week life drawing course to be some kind of miracle medicine and revolutionise the way I draw, it's much more of a long-term process, but it's a step in the right direction and hopefully there's still some of the momentum from Twelfth Night going.

My awesome landlady has managed to find me a job at an old folks home. Not so exciting job, but it should pay well. All I know right now is that I will need my driver's license. Considering it's been about 4 years since I touched a steering wheel, the re-learning curve might prove interesting though... O_O I'll be pulling night shifts mostly, which means more money due to the late hours. :DD I'm relieved to think that paying double rents this summer will be bearable after all.

I'll be hitting Gotland on Sunday, but before then I'm stopping off in Stockholm for a few days. On Friday morning I'm visiting Ateljé Stockholm, which offers tuition in how to draw in the old academic tradition. The tuition fee is pretty steep, and I doubt that it's right for me right now, but it will still be interesting to see what they offer. And then on Saturday I'm really excited about meeting the awesome people at Studio Yokaj. As a little plug for their series Kick Off!... volume one just one a prize for best comic in 2008 in Sweden!

Now I'm finally going to pack my computer into the box and kiss it goodbye for a good while. My trusty old laptop will have to get me through the weeks on Gotland. My landlady doesn't have internet, which worries me slightly, but hopefully I should be able to connect at uni.


May. 25th, 2009

Heads up

Expo aftermath

So that's an end to another expo! As usual, it was pretty awesome. First of all big thanks to Emma and Pud for their hard work. The comic village was the most organised and impressive yet. Hopefully it will be a returning popular feature!

I was sharing a table with Susan and Steve from Studio Two Sides Wide on the Saturday. Susan had  literally just come back from a 3-week stay in Ghana for her uni project on Saturday morning so a big thanks to her for coming straight to expo from Heathrow. What a trooper! Steve was the voice for our table, the man sure can schmooze the crowds. In the beginning I had harboured the illusion that our table would be the chilled out place where people could chill and chat but clearly I had forgotten how busy Saturdays are. We were taking on commissions to pay back the table since we didn't really have that much to sell and that kept us working for most of the day.

Since I was stuck at my table for most of the expo, the only pictures I took were of the people I did commissions of. This girl's shirt was pretty fun to draw, and she was very patient with my snail pace.

Shout outs and conclusionCollapse )

Mar. 26th, 2009

Heads up

Voyeristic experiment

For every day in a week starting today I'll do a streaming experiment on Ustram.tv. There are numerous reasons why I'd like to do this, but mainly because I spend days on end working in the isolation of my room. So much so that some people might wonder if I'm still alive. It's not the best way to keep in touch with people but it sure is effortless. :) I'm also curious to see if I can keep this up for a week without getting stage fright. So far it's been fine, I tend to forget that the webcam is on.
I can't show any progress work from Twelfth Night due to the making-of article series in NEO, but I don't reckon there will be a problem of showing me working on it.

It would be really cool if more people who work alone back home could set something up! We'd all feel less isolated I reckon.

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Mar. 24th, 2009


Ebay seller's note

There was a most bizarre, yet strangely sweet note arriving with my package from an ebay seller today.
The note on lovely letter paper...Collapse )

Mar. 23rd, 2009

Heads up

Dog in the house

My family just got a puppy. I'm so jealous of my sister! She gets a bunny, a DS and a puppy after I move out. I desperately wanted a kitten as a kid, and I wanted a Nintendo back in the days. Now I can blame my parents for being emotionally detached and never being able to become a decent gamer. LOL

Seriously, jokes aside, we do have a puppy now. It signifies a huge change from 15 years ago when my parents wouldn't even hear about having anything that sheds in the house. (By that standard dear Chloe would have been barred from our house back then XD)
I guess they've become sufficiently westernised now.

I think this is the puppy they got:

I got to see him on webcam last night. Adorable little thing!! Quite large already, 4 kg I think. By the time I see him IRL he'll probably be full sized though. T_T My sister named him Viggo, which makes me think Aragon. X)


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